early-adopter offers two art gallery web site products:
Gallery staff updateable Yes Yes
Site includes artists, artworks, exhibitions. press releases, bibliographies and all gallery information Yes Yes
Templates Yes, choose a layout and a color scheme, upload your logo graphic, make color and font choices to customize your site Entirely custom designed and built from the ground up, every time, no templates so your site is unique
Custom design Limited additional customization is available at an additional cost Sky's the limit.
Flash animation No, can be added at additional cost Included
Works with ArtBase? Yes Yes
How soon can your website be ready Set up takes 24-48 hours, enter your data, or upload it from artbase and you can be on the web in hours. Custom design process usually takes 1-2 months,
Custom build takes 1-2 months
Cost $500 set up, $250/month Call us for prices