• Customizable appearance - choose from a large number of select options, incorporate your logo, select your fonts and colors
    • Opt for additional customization and we can create custom designs for your site, $100/ hour
    • Or if you already work with a designer we can qualify them to create custom designs for our system
  • If you decide later to upgrade to SPECIFIC you can do so with no loss of data and no need for re-training. For explanation of the differences between the two systems, click here.
  • Comes with one month of free phone support and unlimited on-going email support.
  • Straightforward, secure, web-based interface that allows for updating content from any computer with an internet connection
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) standards are integrated so your site is indexed as soon as possible
  • Additional publishing feature that allows for uploading ArtBase information directly to the web, eliminating the need for double entry - true 'wall-to-web' information management.
Art-World Specific
  • Manage content for Artists, Artworks and Exhibitions
  • Additional Support for Fairs
  • Bibliography system allows for linking a bibliographic entry to one or more artists, exhibitions or the gallery itself
  • Press Release system has options for full text entry and/or PDF downloads.
  • Curriculum Vitae / Resume system allows for fine control of the artist's history - competitors only have .pdf upload for resumes
  • Create password protected "Private Exhibitions" for discriminating collectors
  • Works with Artbase
  • View Screen Shots of Our Sample Gallery Site (keep in mind this shows only a few of the many options for appearance)